Stories of the Soil

Stories of the Soil powerfully illustrates the complex stories of simple people. However dejected, h



The story is revolves around the impact of resurrection on our world. Greed to be immortal, but immo


Every Time He Met Her…

Rahul was different. You don’t get to meet such guys these days. No wonder she fell for him. Or sh


Sleeping After Night Shifts

Memories or thoughts that kept me sleepless, deprived of sleep even during sleeping hours have taken


A Chat Room Affair

One fine morning, fed up with the life of running around in circles, idea of an escape struck me.


Dancing Stars

Shridhar and Vijaya Shastri feel their children are not their own. Have they taken births to settle



Adolescence is the toughest period in a child’s life.  It is very difficult to decide if the stru



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We have updated our book showcase pages. Now you will find individual links for: eBooks: Apple iBooks Amazon Kindle Google Play Books Paperback Amazon USA Amazon UK Amazon India Flipkart India

In-House Printing

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We just launched our own in-house printing service. Benefits for the Author: 1. Printed books in India close to 40% cheaper than before. 2. Better Quality Control. 3. Faster Shipping. Currently, books are updated and available for sale on a


Twinkle Agarwal Professional

I work at a bank and consider myself good at accounting. I wrote a book in my spare time that helped simply accounting and Author Unlock helped me publish it.

Aarav Seth Business Owner

I am self employed and run a successful bakery. I decided to write a "How To" book for dummies on running a bakery. 1000 books sold in the first week, the team at Author Unlock is awesome. All I had to do was write my book, they took care of everything else.

Tina Singh House Wife

Everyone loves my recipes and would always ask me how i made it... Now i direct them to my book. Who would have thought people around the world would be interested in my humble recipes. I am currently working on my third book now...

Arun Shah Student

I am currently a Second Year Arts student and i had written around quite a few stories. Signed up with AuthorUnlock and submitted my content... Now i get a royalty cheque every month. You guys are awesome.