I have written my book – how do I make money?

While the world of publishing is changing, and the list of Indian authors is growing, the real question is yet to be asked; How do I make money, pay the bills, make a living, or better, make a luxurious living as a writer?

For that your book needs to be published first, and there are several steps you need to follow to get there:

  1. Proof-reading – You will need to hire a professional editing firm to proof read your book and get it production ready.
  2. Cover Designing – You will then need to hire a graphics designer to design the book cover for you.
  3. Typesetting – Depending on which software you used to write your book (if any) the book will need to be formatted for print production.
  4. E-book conversion – Print production and E-books have different formats. You will need to make an e-book version.
  5. Promotional Art Material – You will need to design some promotional art to market your book.
  6. Book Publishing – Finally you will need to select a book publishing process that works for you and publish your book.
  7. Royalties – Lastly you will need to wait for the royalties to trickle in, which depends mainly on your marketing skills. A lot of companies require you to earn a specific amount before they will send you a cheque.

If all this has gotten you overwhelmed, fear not…

AuthorUnlock.com is here with the smart and easy way of getting published and earning royalties.

We take care of everything listed above, at absolutely no cost to you. We work on a fair 50% profit share margin and have a low pay out threshold.

So the real question is, why haven’t you gotten published yet?

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