Why Publish via AuthorUnlock.com?

Stop asking permission. You don’t need it.

Stop waiting to be chosen. Choose yourself.


Faster time to market. You still have to spend the same amount of time writing and editing. But once you’re ready to publish, With AuthorUnlock.com your book is usually for sale within 4-72 hours.


Higher royalties. With AuthorUnlock.com we do a fair 50% royalty share on profit. Traditional royalty rates usually fit in the 7-25% bracket, averaging 10%. You clearly get a larger share of the royalty pie with is.


Sell in a global market. With AuthorUnlock.com your books will be for sale in 190 countries. Your book will be formatted and be available for sale in both traditional print and eBook (e-pub) formats.


Niche books can reach an audience. Publishing houses have an expectation of a certain number of sales, so if you’re writing a niche book on a particular type of organic food, for example, then you might find the market is too small for a major publisher. With AuthorUnlock.com you decide what / how to write.


Use it to get into the game. These days, if you self-publish and do well, agents and publishers will come to you. You don’t have to beg and plead for attention. With AuthorUnlock.com power balance is reversed and the empowered indie can get much better deals than a first-time author with no evidence of sales.


No Investment Costs. If you try some other self publishing websites, there is a cost involved somewhere, either in proof reading or professional cover design etc. With AuthorUnlock.com we take care of everything, so all you have to worry about is writing.


So what is stopping you from earning royalties?

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